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                NEWS CENTER

                How to choose a suitable pencil sharpener for children?

                Hits:Updated:2016-10-10 【Print】

                1. Compact appearance
                The appearance is too big for the use of children is very convenient.
                Medium-sized, just to get their little hands on the stability of the good.

                2. The quality of the shell
                A lot of pencil sharpener has a layer of decoration outside.
                Not only beautiful, lovely, but also the appropriate protection inside the volume to.
                When we choose to try to choose plastic is very thick, very durable.

                Pencil sharpener so that does not
                Some pencil in use will appear when the phenomenon of screw fixed.
                Possible reason is that pencil sharpener is not very formal work, pencil can not be normal to go.
                There is a sharp pencil sharpener, cut does not move pencil.
                Encounter this situation, it is recommended that you change a selection.

                4. Pencil sharpener blunt
                If you use a long time, pencil sharpener will become more blunt.
                At this time we take a piece of sandpaper wrapped pen tip into the pencil sharpener, a slight turn a few laps.
                Pencil sharpener will become very fast.

                5. Pencil sharpener use
                Pencil sharpener often cut a lot of refills.
                Causing some waste.
                So I suggest you do not have a nib to cut pencil.
                Such as the use of almost no head, and in the use of pencil sharpener.



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